Teens, aged 15 & 17, arrested for shocking rape / torture murder of a 36 year old woman in a park

Nine others watched and then shared video on Facebook Messenger

Es Lee earlier that day. She is an ethnic Hmong.

Two suspects, aged 15 and 17 have been arrested for a horrific torture murder that occurred in a Milwaukee Park last September.

Police say Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15, walked up to Es Lee, 36, who was sitting on a blanket at Washington Park. The perps asked the woman for money and she refused.

They beat her. Then they raped her. Then they beat her more, broke her jaw, and held her underwater. She was found clinging to life and unable to speak. She died in the hospital three days later.

The perps had nine other accomplices (the local media and police are calling them witnesses) who stood around and watched. One of these accomplices used Lewis’ phone to take video. Lewis then sent copies of the video to others on Facebook Messenger.

Sometime in January, a woman came forward and provided evidence. She told police she found a copy of the video on her son’s old iPhone. It had been sent to him by Lewis. Police have now identified two of the other accomplices. One using DNA found on Lee’s blanket, and one using DNA on a water bottle found at the park. Police say one mother ordered her son to scrub everything from his phone when she heard police were executing a search warrant against people involved.

Lewis and Spencer have been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree sexual assault. They have been granted cash bails of $300k and $275k.

Kevin Spencer was already implicated in another homicide that occurred last December! None of the nine accomplices have been arrested yet.

Despite the unbelievable details of the murder or the fact that video was shared on Facebook Messenger, this crime has barely received any media attention. The story appears to be quarantined to local coverage only. MSNBC and NBC National News recently published claims that, during the past year, Asians suffered an explosion of hate crimes at the hands of Trump supporters. The MSNBC / NBC claim is based on self-reported, non-verified incidents, of which almost all are about alleged minor verbal harassment. Yet, they have not reported what is probably the single worst hate crime against an Asian person to occur in the past year. Why is that?

Kamare Lewis, 17, (right) and Kevin Spencer, 15, (left). Spencer’s face is being blurred because he is under 16.

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