School superintended defends perpetrator of vicious racially motivated harassment campaign

Kazmierczak abandons White victim, grovels to politically motivated mob

Avery Severson

Avery Severson, a White female student at White Bear Lake High School in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was the target of a vicious racially motivated harassment campaign. Another student created racially offensive messages and threats that were falsely attributed to Severson. In some cases, specific Black students were the target of threatening messages. Some of the messages arguably meet the threshold of a criminal threat of violence. Severson was targeted because she had founded a “Turning Point USA” student club at the school.

Severson was harassed and needed security to escort her to her classes. Local police and the FBI determined that an unnamed Black female student had created an anonymous Instagram account but made false references that made it look like Severson was behind the account.

White Bear Lake Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak made a statement exonerating Severson and then immediately issued two different apologies, one spoken and one written, to appease a disingenuous politically motivated far-left outrage mob. During his second apology, he explicitly defends the perpetrator of the hate crime.

During the first apology, Kazmierczak apologized for using the word “hoax” and said he did not mean to “minimize the impact that racism or racist acts has on students and families who have been marginalized throughout history and in White Bear Lake Area Schools.”

In a follow-up apology, he explicitly defends the perpetrator stating, “the juvenile involved indicated during the investigation that the purpose of their post was to raise awareness of social and racial injustice due to past incidents that occurred at school. It is critical to acknowledge the importance of these conversations related to racial equity and justice affixed to this incident, and to commit to ongoing dialogue that leads to meaningful outcomes.”

Wayne Kazmierczak characterized the perpetrator not as a criminal offender but as an activist who was morally justified in trying to ruin the life of a White female student.

The perpetrator’s identity is classified. There is no indication that she has been charged with any crime or is facing any disciplinary action, despite sending online threats to specific people. Kazmierczak is sending a message that it is ok to stage criminal actions in order to incite hatred against White people because Whites deserve it.

Severson reports that classmates are still harassing her.

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2 years ago

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