Retail stores across the Bay Area are being looted

Decriminalization and "progressive" prosecutors are devastating retail stores

California “decriminalized” shoplifting, and Chesa Boudin, San Fransisco County’s activist district attorney, has little interest in prosecuting lawbreakers anyway.

Walgreens has already shuttered 17 Bay Area locations, citing shoplifting as a major reason. This video was taken at a Walgreens on the corner of Gough & Fell Streets in San Fransisco the other day.

A Black male brings his bicycle into the store, fills a giant garbage bag with loot, and casually rides his bike past the security guard and out of the store.

A uniformed security guard records the crime but does not stop him from getting away. Other business owners have been arrested and charged with crimes for trying to stop thieves.

The city has been completely handed over to looters.

Of course, it is not just small items being stolen. Just days ago, the Bay Area Louis Vuitton store was looted. Eleven Black males and females entered and grabbed 3-4 handbags each. It was organized pre-meditated looting. This took place in Palo Alto, which is under the jurisdiction of Santa Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen. He is another soft-on-crime activist DA who advocates that prosecutors “reform” the system from within by reducing the number of people they send to jail or prison. In Rosen’s mind, these looters are probably oppressed victims acting out because of “poverty.”

The looting of the Luis Vuitton store came less than one month after an organized group of criminals looted the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus.

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