Five people shot during two day racially motivated hate crime rampage

Mass media looks the other way

The Columbus, Georgia Police department has announced that the weekend shooting spree by Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39-year-old Black male, was motivated by racial hatred. Roberts shot five unnamed victims during three separate shootings.

Police say he specifically targeted “military-looking White males.” Roberts told police he was recently injured when a group of White males fired a slingshot at him and that the injury had become infected. Police say they found zero signs of this alleged slingshot injury.

Roberts initially shot a man in the parking lot of a Phenix City, Alabama Marriot last Friday evening. Then at 10:00 AM Saturday, three people were shot on Broadway Street in downtown Columbus. Then, a fifth person was shot under the Oglethorpe Bridge at 2:00 PM Saturday. The victim was getting into his car at the time. Four more bullets hit the man’s car.

Fortunately, all five victims are expected to live. He did not know any of his victims.

The media is largely ignoring the shooting spree. Roberts told police that White people had persecuted him all his life. This is the same narrative being hyped by the entertainment industry and much of the media and academia. The same people who promote anti-White bigotry will ignore this rampage because it does not fit their narrative.

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