Paying for what? Hunter Biden paintings to go on sale for up to $500k

The Biden and Harris families are making out big

Paying enormous amounts for “artwork” has become a common hobby among the world’s wealthy elites. Often, the prices get so outrageous that people naturally have suspicions that money laundering, organized crime, and selling access play a role in the world of “modern art.”

It seems almost cliche that Joe Biden’s scandal riddled is now selling modern art pieces for outrageous prices. It looks a bit odd that he was suddenly deemed a world-class artist as his father assumed the role of president of the United States. Hunter Biden also made large amounts of money working as an international energy consultant, even though he had zero experience after his father became Vice President.

His paintings are so great, we are told, that art dealer Georges Bergès has set up two private exhibits for wealthy collectors. They will be held in Los Angeles and NYC. The painting will be priced at $75k to $500k.

Immediately after assuming the office of Vice President, Kamal Harris’s stepdaughter was given a contract from one of the most prestigious modeling firms in the world.






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