Oakland Juneteenth has second mass shooting in four years

This is a very dangerous event

From 2014-2022, Oakland had an average mass shooting rate of 1.0 per 100k per year. However, the odds go way up during Juneteenth.

During the 2021 Oakland Juneteenth celebration and Merritt Lake, eight people were shot. One of them died. However, even more shocking was the behavior of the participants after the mass shooting.

In the aftermath of eight people being shot, Juneteenth partiers twerked on ambulances as rescue workers were trying to save people’s lives.

During the Juneteenth Holiday weekend of 2023, Oakland had three killed and nine injured during ten different shootings.

Now, the 2024 Oakland Juneteenth party at Merritt Lake also turned into an orgy of violence. There was a mass shooting with fifteen gunshot victims. It was original claimed that one person was killed. Local media now says there were no fatalities.

There were also other injuries from mob fights, a car club riot, and cops being assaulted. Some claim there was even a stabbing.

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