Antifa attacks lesbians in support of trans activist that murdered three people

This is clown world on steroids

Dana Rivers

Last November, transsexual activist Dan Rivers, 61, was convicted of murdering three people. He killed a lesbian couple, Charlotte Reed, 56, and Patricia Wright, 57. He also killed Wright’s son, Benny Toto Diambu-Wright, 18. 

The murders took place on October 11th, 2016. Rivers had been allowed to join an all-female motorcycle club called “Deviants.” Reed was a member who had quit the club. Rivers asked to spend the night. He shot the lesbian couple with a silenced handgun and then mutilated their bodies with a knife. Benny Toto Diambu-Wright was killed when he walked in on the scene.

When police arrived at the house, they found River, drenched in blood, getting on his motorcycle. The male victim had collapsed in the street and died.

Rivers was once a school teacher in Antelope, California, who became a transsexual activist. He sued the school district for not supporting his “transition” and won a $150k settlement.

Rivers was convicted last month. The trial was delayed for years as defense lawyers played the insanity charge.

The sentencing phase is still ongoing. Despite brutally murdering two women, Rivers is currently being housed with women.

A group of lesbians representing multiple feminist groups protested in front of the Alameda County Court House to ask that he be moved to a facility with his own gender.

A group of thugs, described as “male Antifa,” attacked the female protesters and stole their signs. Some of the perps may have been transsexuals themselves.



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