Infamous hit and run thug is murdered after receiving wrist slap

Did DA's leniency facilitate his murder?

Kristopher Baca was the perpetrator of an infamous hit-and-run captured on surveillance video. It took place in Venice, California, on August 6th, 2021. Baca plowed into a woman with a baby stroller in an alley. Miraculously, there were no serious injuries.

At the time, Baca, 16 years old, was on felony probation for spiking a girl’s drink with drugs in 2019. He also had no driver’s license, was driving a stolen car, and was believed to have been driving under the influence.

He was stopped when a witness used his truck to crash into Baca’s stolen car intentionally.

Baca was given a wrist slap plea deal. In exchange for Baca pleading guilty to two low-level felonies, he got five months in a juvenile detention “diversionary” camp. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office, run by the far-left Soros-funded District Attorney George Gascón, refused to pursue any prison time.

On January 18th, Baca was found murdered in Palmdale, California. Police say Baca was the target of a drive-by shooting as he walked down the street. He had just left a fast food restaurant. Many are speculating that it was vigilante justice. However, there is no telling how much criminal activity Baca is involved with.

After Baca was arrested, his name and picture were classified due to age. Multiple alleged images of Kristopher Baca are on Twitter but show different people.

However, Kristopher Baca’s mother has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for his funeral. She has raised over $5k so far. This is the photograph used in the GoFundMe campaign.


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