Italy gets its first “Korean Comfort Woman” statue

The immigrant grievance industry

A major problem with immigration is that immigrant groups bring their grievances with them. In recent years, Korean immigrants have been getting these “Comfort Women” statues erected all over the West. They are to promote the claim that Japan forced two hundred thousand woman, mostly Koreans, into prostitution. Japan maintains that its army employed about 20,000 Korean prostitutes who all working willingly and without any coercion.

Over the years, Japan has announced payments to former Comfort Women.

Beginning in 2011, these statues were erected in Korea and other countries where Comfort Women came from, including Taiwan, China, and the Philippines. However, at least one statues in the Philippines was taken down due to political pressure from Japan.

However, in 2013, one was erected in Glendale, California. Since then, more have been erected in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Sydney, Toronto, Berlin, and other Western cities.

The latest statue was erected on public land in the picturesque Italian beachfront town of Stintino. This is Italy’s first “Comfort Woman” statue.

A group calling itself the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan unveiled the statue. It is located near the city hall facing the beach.


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