Five shot, three killed during “car club riot” in Chicago

Second mass shooting at one of these events in less than two months

“Car club riots” are a phenomenon where groups of people block traffic with their cars. Many of the participants are members of organized car clubs. They often engage in drag racing and car stunts. Other illegal activities can occur, such as attacks on unrelated motorists and their vehicles.

The participants in these riots are generally overwhelmingly Black, though sometimes Whites and Hispanics are involved as well.

They usually occur in cities where lower-level crimes are not enforced, and the participants have no fear of real consequences. They started in places like Los Angeles and Philadelphia. However, the phenomenon is rapidly spreading. Recently, two Black car clubs got together and blocked traffic on the largest bridge in Charleston, South Carolina.

On August 28th, a mass shooting occurred at one of these events in Portland. A Black male was caught on camera shooting at a White motorist who was not involved in the rioting. Three people were hit by bullets. A White male, who was a fellow rioter, was killed.

Another mass shooting occurred at a car club riot in Chicago on October 23rd. Five people were shot, three of whom died. One of the fatalities is under 18.

Police say approximately one hundred cars converged at a Chicago intersection at 4:00 am, and drivers were doing stunts and drag racing. Then thirteen shots were fired. No other details about the victims or the suspect have been released.

The phenomenon started in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, but it is spreading. This car club riot occurred last August in Charleston, SC.

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