Hialeah man brutally attacked and hospitalized while passing out Republican campaign flyers

Left-wing violence continues

Christopher Monzon was passing out flyers for the election in Hialeah, Florida when he was brutally beaten and hospitalized. He suffered a broken jaw and internal bleeding.

Javier Lopez, 25, has been arrested for the attack and charged with aggravated battery. Another possible suspect has not been identified. According to the police report, Lopez yelled “you can’t pass by here, this is my neighborhood,” and then charged Monzon and attacked him.

Lopez was on probation for other crimes at the time. His parents say they came outside and broke up the attack. His mother has conceded to the Miami Herald that her son could not control himself and deserves to be in jail. However, she denied it was politically motivated because “my son has never voted before.”

The victim was wearing a Marco Rubio t-shirt and a Ron DeSantis hat. Marco Rubio has repeatedly said the victim was a canvasser.

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