Far-left ProPublica infuriated that some parents are getting active in their school districts

How dare they speak up for themselves

ProPublica is far-left non-profit “newsroom” that seeks to agitate and divide people along racial lines. They are one of the groups that was encouraging people to submit allegations White on Asian “hate.” The allegations amounted to no more than unverified, anonymous victim fan fiction. The database was then used as “proof” of a completely fictional campaign of racial hatred directed at Asian people by White conservatives.

Now ProPublica is going after the “White Parents” of Cherokee County, Georgia.

Cecelia Lewis is a Black woman who was hired by the school district for “the first ever administrator job devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion.” In other words, they hired her to be a professional ideologue and activist. A so-called “bureactivist.” This is just one of the many ways that the left pumps taxpayer dollars into the left-wing activist community.

Parents opposed the hiring of Lewis for good reason. It was a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and they don’t want radical political agendas inserted into the district’s curriculums. Lewis was eventually removed.

ProPublica says Lewis was removed to appease elitist, wealthy White people motivated by an anti-Black animosity they learned from Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. They reality is that they just really dislike the fact that some parents are getting pro-active and trying to keep far-left radical agendas out of their schools.

ProPublica is a 501c3 based in New York City. In 2019, the group took on $39.2 million dollars. They spent $2.6 million on salaries and compensation for eight administrators. The two “co-ceos,” Stephen Engleberg and Richard Tofel, collected about $450k each.

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