Ethnic violence breaks out in several Israeli cities

I thought diversity was the greatest strength you can have?

This Jewish resident of Lod says an Arab attacker stabbed him in the back.

Rioting, arson, and civilian gun battles have erupted in the city of Lod. During the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, about two-thirds of the Arab population of Lod fled and were never allowed to return. Instead, incoming Jewish families from Arab nations were resettled in the town. Today Lod is about 30% Arab.

Similar violence between Arabs and Jews is being reported in the biblical seaport of Jaffa. In 1947, this was a city of about 60,000 Arabs who were a mix of Eastern Orthodox Christians and Muslims. Almost the entire population fled by the end of the war. Today, Jaffa has 46,000 people, of whom 30,000 are Jewish, and 16,000 are Muslim and Christian Arabs.

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