Elon Musk says proposed moderation council “broke the deal”

Is free speech back on the menu?

On October 28th, Musk stated that a group of activists would make up a moderation council to determine what content should be allowed on Twitter.

Later, on November 2nd, Musk specifically named seven left-wing activists and one neo-con.

ADL boss Jonathan Greenblatt (far-left, major censorship advocate, Jewish)
ADL Vice President Yael Eisenstat (far-left, major censorship advocate, Jewish)
George Bush Presidential Center’s Ken Hersch (“neo-con, Jewish)
Color of Change President Rashad Robinson (far-left, major censorship advocate, Black)
NAACP President Derrick Johnson (left-wing, Black)
Free Press CEO Jessica González (far-left, major censorship advocate, Latina)
LULAC CEO Sindy Benavides (left-wing, Latina)
AAF CEO Norman Chen (left-wing, East Asian)

Now Musk says the proposed council “broke the deal” by continuing to agitate against advertisers.

Musk is also running a poll asking if he should declare a mass amnesty for suspended accounts.

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