Brazil’s Supreme Court freezes dozens of bank accounts over trucker protests

"Repeated Abuse of the Right to Assemble"

The Brazilian Supreme Court has frozen at least forty-two bank accounts. The people being targeted participated in a large-scale trucker protest against the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Alexandre de Moraes is the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil. He stated, “It is necessary, appropriate, and urgent to block the bank accounts of those investigated, given the possibility of using resources to finance illicit and undemocratic acts, in order to stop the injury or threat to law.” He went on to say the people being targeted engaged in “repeated abuse of the right to assemble.”

Meanwhile, Moraes also rejected a legal challenge to the Brazilian election results and fined the parties involved $4.3 million. He declared it to be “bad faith litigation.”

Last September, the New York Times questioned whether Moraes was eroding Brazilian democracy under the pretense of protecting democracy.

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