Twitter is still unbanning people, but it is only a tiny trickle

Most banned users are still waiting

From Renaissance Horizon…

There is a GitHub account that purports to be tracking accounts that have been unsuspended. It is run by a German-based software developer named Travis Brown. Some, such as the website Gizmodo, have falsely presented this as a list of people who have been unbanned from the site. However, most of these accounts were never banned.

Brown has been listing an average of about 300 users per day as unsuspended. However, a large majority of these only had short-term suspensions. I looked at numerous large accounts Brown has listed, which had no significant gaps in posting. At most, they only had a 12-hour suspension.

The program Brown made to detect “unsuspended accounts” can not differentiate between accounts that were banned and those that were suspended for 12 hours.

Large political-related accounts unbanned recently:

12/8: Laura Loomer, posting
12/7: Roger Stone, posting
12/6: Jessie Turner, has not yet posted
12/6: Aimee Terese, posting

Of the roughly three hundred accounts listed daily by Brown on GitHub, at best, only about a third of these were actually banned. Most restored accounts are not political. The lion’s share of large unbanned accounts appears to be in the porn/e-girl category.

Incidentally, I met Laura Loomer in person two weeks ago. I asked her if she was optimistic that her account would be unbanned under Elon Musk. She was very adamant that she believed it would not be unbanned.

However, most people have not been unbanned.

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