Twitter loses bid to move O’Keefe/Project Veritas lawsuit to California

Case will remain in New York

James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, sued Twitter in New York. His lawsuit states that Twitter defamed him using provably false information that Twitter knew was false all along.

Twitter immediately filed a motion in Federal court to have the lawsuit transferred from the New York state court system to federal court. If the case was transferred to a federal court, it would go to a federal court in California. A federal judge has remanded the case back to the New York state court system.

Both federal and state judges in California have already thrown out a multitude of lawsuits against Twitter. O’Keefe won his bid to keep the case in New York state court.

Twitter banned O’Keefe claiming he was violating their rules by using “fake accounts.” O’Keefe had three accounts for three separate legal entities. One for himself and two others for registered corporations that he operates. These accounts are Project Veritas, a 501c3, and Project Veritas Action Fund, a 501c4,

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