Dallas rocked by surging homicides as police department slashes services

In the first ten days of March, there have already been at least eight murders.

Rachel Witcher was murdered in her apartment yesterday.

In 2020, Dallas had 251 homicides. The highest number since 1995. 2021 was immediately off to a violent start with three homicides on the first three days of the year. Despite the rising crime, Dallas began the new year by slashing police services to the public.

In the first ten days of March, there have already been at least eight murders.

On March 10th, Christian Pollard, a twenty-two-year-old Black male, was shot and killed at a gas station. The suspect is Jataivious Maxwell, also a twenty-year-old Black male.

On March 9th, Rachel Witcher, a 21-year-old White female, was shot and killed inside her apartment. The suspect is Charles Parker, a 32-year-old Black male.

On March 8th, Don-Yeah Hill, a 17-year-old Black male, was shot and killed on the side of a road. The suspect is Jalynn Lester, also a 17-year-old Black male.

On March 5th, three people were shot outside of a barbershop. Kenaijae Anderson, a twenty-year-old Black male was killed. Police have a suspect but have not released any details.

On March 3rd, Jason Izaguirre, a 20-year old Latin male, was killed in his backyard. Police do not have a suspect.

On March 3rd, Donald King, a 31-year-old Black male, was found murdered inside a vehicle. The suspect is Kyle Flanagan, a 21-year-old Black male.

On March 2nd, David Alexander Perez, a 24-year old Latino male, was shot to death in his car during an apparent gun battle on the freeway. Police do not have a suspect.

On March 1st, an unidentified male was found murdered in a residence. The suspect is Adepegda Olantunde, a 28-year old Black male.

At the beginning of the year, it was leaked to the public that the Dallas PD would stop sending officers to respond to numerous types of crimes. Instead, residents would have to file police reports online. This is being referred to as “call diversion.” Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata says that police simply no longer have the resources to respond to all calls.

This means that many people will cease reporting lower-level crimes because they will not believe that anything will be done.

Bryan Riser is a Dallas police officer who has been charged with two murders from 2017.

On March 4th, the Dallas Police Department suffered humiliation when one of their own officers was charged with two counts of capital murder for a double murder in 2017. The suspect is Bryan Riser, who joined the force eight years ago. He was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in 2017 but was allowed to remain on the force. The Dallas Police Department has been on damage control for the past few days.

The department has been on damage control for the past week.

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