Boise Mayor Lauren McLean now denies supporting radical Critical Race Theory resolution that would tell schools to defy Idaho state law

McLean says a staffer signed her name by accident

Lauren McLean is one of four US mayors who allegedly signed a resolution calling for public students, K-12, to be taught “Critical Race Theory.” The resolution declares that race e is not biologically real, but White people are all racist and cause the shortcomings of non-Whites.

The resolution comes from the “Jobs, Education, and Workforce” committee at the 89th virtual meeting of the Conference of Mayors. The official website of the Conference of Mayors indicates that McLean is one of four supporters of the resolution. The website also lists three mayors who opposed it.

By signing the resolution, McLean would essentially be telling public schools in Boise to openly defy a new Idaho law that prohibits this sort of vicious anti-White bigotry in public schoolsIdaho’s House Bill 337, “Dignity and non-discrimination in public education,” was passed by the Idaho House 57 to 12 on April 22nd. It was then passed by the Idaho Senate 27 to 8 on April 26th. Idaho Governor Brad Little signed it into law on April 28th.

Just now, McLean publicly denied she ever signed, sponsored, or in any way endorsed the resolution. She says a member of her staff added her name by accident.

Some are expressing skepticism of McLean’s explanation. We are still looking into the matter.

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