16 out of 21 mayors on the Conference of Mayors executive committee voted yes for the radical Critical Race Theory resolution

Here is a full list of how they voted

This is a National Conservative exclusive. Even the staff at FOX News could not figure out who actually voted on the resolution.

At last week’s 89th virtual Conference of Mayors, the “Jobs, Education, and Workforce” committee submitted a radical resolution calling for “Critical Race Theory” to be taught in public schools K-12. The resolution stated that race is not a biological reality; however, non-White shortcomings are the fault of White people.

The 89th Conference of Mayors listed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as sponsors of the resolution. The website also listed Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez opposing the radical resolution.

Today, Boise Idaho Mayor Lauren McLauren publicly denied sponsoring the resolution. She alleges that a staff member accidentally added her name to it. Of course, McLauren may very well be lying about not supporting it.

It was voted on by a 25 member executive committee meeting. This body included 21 mayors and four executives. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego was the actual chairman of the Jobs, Education, and Workforce committee that resolution to the executive committee.

The resolution on Critical Race Theory [CRT] was combined with nine other resolutions for a vote. No member of the committee objected to this. Committee members were told they could also add their names to the website as objecting to individual resolutions. Only three people had their names added to the website as objecting to the CRT resolution.

Out of the twenty-five people voting, only Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, and two executives voted no. Several others did not vote at all. Bryan Barnett, Mayor of Rochester Hills, whose name appears on a list of three people opposing the resolution, voted yes during the meeting.

Yes Votes:

Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton

Bryan K. Barnett, Mayor of Rochester Hills (added his name to the website opposing CRT resolution)

Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville

Keisha Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta

Jane Castor, Mayor of Tampa

Andrew Ginther, Mayor of Columbus

Jon Mitchell, Mayor of New Bedford

Levar Stoney, Mayor of Richmond

Hardie Davis, Mayor of Augusta

Kate Gallego, Mayor of Phoenix

Jon Giles, Mayor of Mesa

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago

Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin

Chris Bollwage, Mayor of Elizabeth

Frank Ortis, Pembroke Pines

Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston


Didn’t Cast a Vote:

Francis X. Suarez, Mayor of Miami (added name to website opposing CRT resolution)

Hillary Schieve, Mayor of Reno

David Berger, Mayor of Lima


No Vote:

Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia



Christina Muryn, Mayor of Findlay (not present during the vote, added name to website opposing CRT resolution)

Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford (in the video it is hard to tell if he voted yes or did not vote at all)

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