Thug who smashed projector at UI was featured in local paper for promoting Black empowerment and CRT


BLM activist Travell Wright was arrested for attacking a projector at Iowa University. Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA was giving a presentation called Meme Tour 2022. Wright was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing a lawful assembly, and criminal mischief. It remains to be seen if he is ever prosecuted for any of these charges.

Last year, the Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote about Travell Wright. His grandmother is the founder of The Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success. This is a six-week “self-empowerment” summer school for “Black, Brown, and biracial students” only. It is held at Mount Mercy University and is affiliated with the Cedar Rapids Community School District.

From Cedar Rapids Gazette…

Travell Wright, 18, is a graduate of Cedar Rapids Washington High School and also White’s grandson. He spent four summers at The Academy and heard many of the lessons from his grandmother growing up.

He is going to the University of Iowa this fall to study engineering.

In his years at The Academy, Wright became “more aware” of who he is and the ways he has to be more careful in this world than his white peers, he said.

“There’s always that danger of me being spotted as someone who is up to no good or seem like the type of person who would cause more trouble,” Wright said.

Even so, Wright is hopeful for the future.

He is “adamant” about police reform and critical race theory being taught in schools so “history doesn’t repeat itself.”

Gee, why would anyone think Wright is the “type of person who would cause more trouble?”

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