British footballer, who is under investigation for beating a cat on video, still allowed to start in today’s game

Another professional British footballer in legal trouble

Zouma was recently a spokesman for a big cat charity campaign.

Update: The RSPCA announced on February 9th that it has taken custody of two cats owned by Kurt Zouma.

The British Premier League has worked hard to be a lot like the NFL. They have politicized the sport and aggressively promoted Black Lives Matter. Also, like the NFL, players keep getting in trouble with the law.

First, a player was arrested for child sex crimes in January. Under British law, his identity is classified, even though he is an adult.

Then it was Mason Greenwood, a star player for Manchester United, who was arrested over allegations of beating and raping a woman. He has since been released on bail, and the investigation is ongoing.

The next player to be visited by the police is probably going to be Kurt Zouma, a star player for West Ham United. Video shows Zouma beating his house cat on a cellphone video inside his two million-pound mansion.

Zouma slaps, kicks, and hurls objects at the cat while a cameraman giggles. In Britain, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [RSPCA] is responsible for initiating animal cruelty prosecutions. The RSPCA is reportedly being flooded with complaints about the video.

Yesterday a spokesman for the RSPCA said, “this is a very upsetting video,” but did not say if the group would seek Zouma’s prosecution for animal cruelty. However, just hours ago, Essex Police confirmed that they have opened an investigation in conjunction with the RSPCA.

Despite widespread public outrage and confirmation of an active police investigation, West Ham United allowed Zouma to start in today’s game against Watson.

Ironically, Zouma was recently a spokesman for a charity campaign to raise money for a big cat refuge.

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