Five shot: SECOND mass shooting at an Illinois Bowlero Bowling Alley in two months!

What could be causing this?

Five people were shot and wounded at the Bowlero Bowling Alley in Romeoville, IL.

Police were called at 1:15 AM Monday. Allegedly, two people got into a fight. More people joined in. Then someone in the mob began shooting people. Police initially found three gunshot victims. However, two other people also arrived at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. The victims are only described as three males and two females, all in their early twenties. The mass shooting received almost zero media coverage whatsoever, and the dangerous at-large suspect was only described as “a male.”

This style of mass shooting is a rapidly growing phenomenon. We just reported on a similar one at a women’s basketball game in Milwaukee at a high school.

Romeoville, IL, is a small city of about 40k people. It is less than half White.

This is the second mass shooting at an Illinois location of a Bowlero in less than two months!

Tariq Johnson

Last December, a Black male shot four people at the River Grove, IL location of Bowlero. Tariq D. Johnson, a 23-year-old Black male, was killed. River Grove is a tiny suburb of Chicago. It is listed as only 1.5% Black by the census bureau. The shooter and his victims had just arrived at the Bowlero location on a “party bus.”

The Arlington, VA location of Bowlero has become notorious for mob violence. Police were called 32 times in 2020 and 29 times in 2021. Local residents have tried to get the bowling alley shut down. Recently, a nearby hip-hop club called Purple Lounge lost its liquor license because of similar habitual violence. The Arlington Bowlero has instituted various extra security measures to prevent any action from being taken by the city.

Two years ago, mob violence was caught on video at an Alabama location in Bowlero. Over a dozen Black males and females savagely beat an unidentifiable victim. When a White male yells at them to stop, the mob turns and starts beating him.

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