Nation on edge as Austrian government prepares to criminalize all unvaccinated

Impfstoffe Macht Frei

One of Germany’s largest media outlets, Die Welt, is worried that the extreme actions of Austria’s government will radicalize large segments of their society. Die Welt suggests that many Austrians, including people from the Middle Classes, will join “organized right-wing and hooligan groups.”

Austria is the first European nation to adopt a nationwide vaccine passport mandate. Their mandate is even more radical than the system implemented in Israel. It may be the most extreme nationwide vaccine mandate in the world.

Austria is currently in the “transitional phase” of the draconian mandate. For months, Austrian police forces have been stopping people randomly on the street, known as “spot checks,” to demand vaccine papers. Law enforcement personnel also now demand vaccine papers during routine traffic stops. The unvaccinated are being documented.

Beginning in March, a lack of vaccination becomes a criminal offense. Austrians face a fine of 600 ($685) Euro that increases to 3,600 Euro ($4,110 USD) per month and possible imprisonment if they remain unvaccinated.

As many as 24% of Austrians are still unvaccinated. The extreme mandate seems engineered to make regular law-abiding Austrians hate and fear the police. Not to mention their political leaders. Last November, the Chancellor and members of parliament held a giant unmasked party with 80s rock band Opus just days after ordering the rest of society back into a full lockdown. The party was broadcast live on public television as if to rub it in everyone’s face.

Meanwhile, Norway ended all Covid-19 restriction months ago. Denmark ended most restrictions at the beginning of February. Sweden defied the rest of Europe in 2020 and only enacted heavy handed restrictions late in the game. The Swedish government says most remaining restrictions will end tomorrow. Finland is ending all remaining restrictions on February 14th, and Switzerland is doing the same on February 16th. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson alleges that he will also end remaining lockdown measures soon. Belarus never even instituted any lockdown measures.

An explanation of Austria’s radical vaccine passport mandate:

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