GETTR fired over a dozen employees, including two “executives,” ahead of free speech rug pull


Jason Miller, a former aid for Donald Trump, created GETTR using money from Chinese Billionaire Guo Wengui. In the beginning, he alleged that GETTR was a free speech social media site. He used his connections to Donald Trump to get hundreds of thousands of people to create accounts.

Recently Miller started banning conservatives and publicly celebrated the creation of an account by an SPLC manager. In an interview with Tim Pool, Miller sounded like a left-wing pundit, and Pool exclaimed, “it sounds like you are actually way more strict than Twitter!”

Now, former employees of GETTR are claiming that Miller laid off thirteen employees, including the entire cybersecurity team, on December 28th of last year. The layoffs included two employees that were listed as executives. At least one former employee says Jason Miller was pressured to lay off staff by Wengui. The former employee says that GETTR was poorly run and losing money.

Wengui is currently wanted for crimes by the Chinese government. He lives in California, bills himself as anti-CCP, and has multiple non-profit foundations. Miller received money to launch GETTR from the KWOK Family Foundation, which Wengui runs using the alias Miles Kwok.

Currently, GETTR still has a lot of bugs but has attracted names to create accounts. However, traffic may already be falling. A week ago, Alexa ranked them as one of the top 600 sites in the USA. Now they are only ranked number 774. Similarweb shows them going from the 6,120th most popular US website at the end of November and surging to 1,556th place at the end of December. January data has not been posted yet.


July 1st: Beta version of GETTR launched

July 4th: Website launched

July 4th: Website hacked with 90k e-mails copied and the most prominent accounts used to post pro-Palestinian messages

July: President of Brazil creates an account

August: Miller concedes that he has failed to convince Trump to create an account

December: Traffic soars on GETTR as more big names create accounts and media attacks site

December 29th: Over one dozen employees fired

January 11th: Jason Miller publicly praises the creation of an account by the SPLC’s Hannah Gais, who has a history of romanticizing Joseph Stalin and left-wing violence

January 19th: Jason Miller defends banning conservative activist Nick Fuentes on the Tim Pool podcast. Miller declares “groyper,” a term for fans of Fuentes’ show, to be a banned word

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