Biden picks far-left SPLC Director to sit on Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit

Nancy Abudu says laws against voter fraud are "suppression"

Biden has nominated Nancy Gbana Abudu for the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Abudu is the deputy legal director for the extreme-left wing Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC].

In 2011, the Charleston Post and Courier interviewed Abudu, where she claimed that requiring a photo id or proof of citizenship to vote was “voter suppression.”

Abudu was working for the American Civil Liberties Union to challenge voter id laws. Ironically, Abudu conceded to the Post and Courier that she was having trouble finding actual real-world evidence that voter id laws suppress anyone’s vote. When asked, she told the interviewer that “it’s difficult to gather a lot of that data.”

More recently, Abudu wrote a column in 2020 claiming that America was still engaged in “practically the same system as during slavery” because most felons are not allowed to vote.

The SPLC was created as a fundraising grift by Morris Dees, a former fundraising chief for Ted Kennedy, George McGovern, and Jimmy Carter. After decades of scandals and continuous allegations of sexual misconduct, Dees was forced to resign in disgrace from his organization in 2019.

SPLC President Richard Cohen admitted that Dees was kicked out for misconduct but refused to elaborate. However, Cohen and SPLC “Intelligence Director” Heidi Bierich was also forced to resign in disgrace shortly after.

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