Catholic Charities accused of operating a large scale trafficking operation on the Texas border

Catholic Charities apparently using Covid-19 test site to intercept and aid people illegally entering the USA

Catholic Charities is one of the top four “non-profits” that bring alleged “refugees” into the United States. The other three big ones are Lutheran Services, Hebrew Immigrant Aid, and Immigrant Rescue Committee. Since at least the 1990s, these groups have received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars per year to fly people directly from Africa and the Middle East to US cities. This activity was at its peak during the Obama administration, then scaled way down under Trump.

These same “charities” are often accused of engaging in human trafficking on the US border and providing aid to people illegally entering the USA.

Now, Alex Jones is alleging that he caught Catholic Charities red-handed. He released a video that shows the group packing small children into an SUV for transport.

Catholic Charities has opened a facility down the street from a Covid-19 testing facility near the Anzalduas international bridge. Illegal aliens are pouring into the USA daily in this location. The border patrol takes people to the testing facility. From there they simply walk down the street and are given pre-paid VISA debit cards and supplies by Catholic Charities.

Jones videotaped a Catholic Charities employee cramming small children into a station wagon for transport.

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