Did Claudine Gay persecute a famous Black professor?

Roland Fryer was ranked as one of the top economics professors in the USA

Harvard’s most high-profile and award-winning Black professor was suddenly canceled in 2019. Roland Fryer was the youngest Black professor ever to gain tenure at an Ivy League school.

First, he was demonized and targeted for abuse by the far-left. Then, he was accused of making sexually inappropriate comments to employees. The actual allegations of sexually inappropriate comments were extremely mild. Harvard recommended that he attend sensitivity training.

However, the issue went to a review board, of which Claudine Gay was a member. The review board suspended him without pay for two years and permanently shut down his research lab. He is still working at Harvard but in a significantly reduced capacity.

Below is a clip from a documentary about the alleged persecution of Harvard professor Roland Fryer. Below that is the entire documentary on YouTube.


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