Facebook attorneys say “fact-checks” can’t be libelous because they are only opinions

Facebook is being sued by John Stossel

John Stossel is suing Facebook over a “fact check” they published. The Fact check is attributed to two French-based outfits called Science Feedback and Climate Feedback. You can read the entire complaint here.

A team of lawyers for Facebook filed a motion to dismissThey argue that Facebook “fact check” labels are just an “opinion,” and opinions are protected under US law.

Facebook’s AI slaps labels on user posts saying they are “false,” “partially false,” “true,” etc. Then links the user to a third-party “trusted partner” for more details. Facebook’s lawyers are claiming that when Facebook says something is “false,” that is only their lawfully protected opinion. Even though Facebook explicitly endorses the third-party content, their lawyers allege that Facebook is not responsible for what their fact-checking “trusted partners” are saying.


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