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Matt Hansen
1 year ago

Why is it with all the smash and grab flash mob robberies they are all
young blacks. You never see a group of Whites, Asians or Hispanics committing these crimes that will never get punished largely because of wokeness.

It is a well known fact when an American school becomes more than 40% black, learning stops and the school basically becomes a penitentiary. That is the same with American Cities, when that city’s population becomes more than 40%
black then the city as Donald Trump says becomes a shit whole and more like a third world country.

5 months ago
Reply to  Matt Hansen

40%? More like 2%

3 months ago
Reply to  William

Yea fucking right those black hooligans are causing trouble everywhere they go. JUST LAST NIGHT one hit me and stole my purse they need to be stopped or someone will. >:( >:( – Linda

Blond White Woman
1 month ago
Reply to  Linda

I know honey, I stayed in an Air B&B in DC 2022 and thrice blacks attacked me walking to my car. The police say that nothing with happen. The FBI doesn’t want a black on white crime in the stats.

24 days ago
Reply to  Linda

My condolences to both of you women who were attacked by non-whites. Our salvation will come from solidarity, or it won’t come.