66% of confirmed interracial homicides in 2023 have a Black suspect

60.25% of total victims are White

National Conservative has documented 400 confirmed interracial homicides in 2023 so far. We are creating the most comprehensive and detailed picture of interracial homicide ever made.

Tally: 400

Black-on-White: 187
Black-on-Latino: 54
Black-on-Central Asian: 6
Black-on-East Asian: 9
Black-on-Middle Easterner: 5
Black-on-Pacific Islander: 2
Black-on-American Indian: 1
Latino-on-White: 42
Latino-on-Black: 20
Latino-on-East Asian: 6
American Indian-on-White: 4
Alaskan Native-on-White: 1
East Asian-on-Latino: 3
East Asian-on-White: 3
East Asian-on-Black: 1
Central Asian-on-Black: 1
Pacific Islander on White: 2
Middle Eastern-on-White: 2
White-on-Black: 27
White-on-Latino: 20
White-on-Central Asian: 3
White-on-Pacific Islander: 1


Black: 264, 66%
Latino: 68, 17%
White: 51, 12.75%
Other: 17, 4.25%


Black: 49, 12.25%
Latino: 77, 19.25%
White: 241, 60.25%
Other: 33, 8.25%

Two hundred and sixty-four, or sixty-six percent, have a Black suspect. What makes this even more shocking is that homicides with a Black perpetrator are less likely to be solved. Black killers are more likely to act in the spur of the moment than killers of other races. This is why Black suspects are less likely to be charged with first-degree murder and face the death penalty.

Many majority Black towns and cities have homicide clearance rates that are abysmal.

Secondly, on average, Black killers kill at a younger age than those of other races. So Black killers are more likely to be juveniles, and their identities are classified. Yet, despite these factors, we still find that sixty-six percent of confirmable cases have a Black suspect.