Violent temper tantrum may cost USA fencing team a spot at the Olympics

Who could have predicted this?

Curtis McDowald is a USA fencing team member notorious for trash talk, screaming, and temper tantrums.

However, his unsportsmanlike conduct was dismissed by many. In 2021, GQ Magazine said he was “electrifying the sport,” and criticism of him was because of his skin color. The magazine portrayed him as being authentically Black.

His bad behavior and lack of impulse control may have cost America’s fencing team a spot at the Paris Olympics. Because of a violent temper tantrum he threw at the Pan-American Tournament in Peru, Team USA was disqualified from their semi-final match to compete for third place. They also lost all their points towards qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

McDowald has been barred from participating in the next competition in Milan, Italy.


Statement from the USA fencing team:

From GQ Magazine in 2021:

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