Transsexual propaganda videos are being annihilated by YouTube voters

The transsexual push is wildly unpopular

Now This, a far-left media outlet, conducted an interview with Joe Biden at the White House. One of the interviewers is transsexual Tik Tok personality Dylan Mulvaney. He makes videos chronically his “transition into girlhood.” 

Now This has over two million subscribes and spends large sums of money to advertise their videos on Facebook and other platforms. However, fewer than 62k have even clicked on the video since it was published three days ago. Of the people who have voted, 89% have downvoted it.

This comes on the heels of Ulta Beauty, a major big box beauty supply store, publishing a video featuring Dylan Mulvaney being interviewed by another transsexual. That video has been downvoted by 95.5% of voters after twelve days.

Recently, Virgin Atlantic made a high budget video announcing their new pro-transsexual policies. When we first reported on it, the video had also been down voted 89% to 11%. Now the downvotes have increased to 94%.

Many have compared Dylan Mulvaney’s videos to comedy skits from Saturday Night Live, such as the one below starring Mike Myers, Will Farrell, and Michelle Obama.

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