Harrisburg daily paper blames White police officers for Black on Black killings

This is not meant to be satire

Harrisburg is a majority-Black city not far from Philadelphia. It is about 54% Black and 24% White. Six out of seven city council members are Black. The mayor is Black. The police commissioner is Black.

Like Philadelphia and Chester, Black-on-Black murders are surging. The clearance rate for these homicides is dismal because of the “no snitch” culture in the local Black community.

The Penn-Live nine-member Editorial Board blames White police officers. Penn-Live says all editorials “represent the majority consensus of the board.”

According to the newspaper, Blacks don’t want to become police officers, so Whites from non-Black neighborhoods must be brought in to make up the difference. These White cops “over police” the Black community and give young Blacks civil citations for jaywalking and truancy. These minor civil citations cause young Blacks to be unemployable, leading to a life of hard-core crime.

Further, it is the fault of White police that the Black community refuses to cooperate and help solve murders.

Rather than call on more Black men to join the police force and bring an end “no stitch” culture, Penn-Live says it is White police who must jump through endless hoops to “win the trust” of the Black community.

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