Seattle bulldozes BLM garden

Full of homeless drug addicts and rats

The city of Seattle has bulldozed the Black Lives Matter Memorial Garden at Cal Anderson Park, saying it posed a danger to the community. City officials cited homeless drug addicts and a rat infestation.

The garden was originally created as part of a 24/7 Black Lives Matter “cop-free autonomous protest zone.” This was known as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone [CHAZ] and the Capital Hill Occupied Protest [CHOP]. Seattle police conducted a stand down and abandoned multiple city blocks, including an entire precinct headquarters. The CHAZ/CHOP quickly became a symbol of violence and murder.

Between June 7th and June 29th, seven people were shot and two were killed. There were also numerous beatings and other crimes.

A motorist was shot and injured on June 7th. On June 20th, two different people were shot in two different incidents. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, a 19-year-old black male, was killed. On June 21st, a fourth person was shot. On June 23rd, a fifth person was shot. On June 29th, a sixth and seventh person was shot. Antonio Mays Jr., a 16-year-old black male was killed.

Antonio Mays Jr and another 15-year-old Black male were in a stolen car that was riddled with bullets, allegedly by armed Antifa “security guards.” However, no one has been charged because none of the witnesses would cooperate with police. When the shooting occurred, several Antifa Twitter accounts bragged that their security forces had neutralized two attackers. Mays Jr.’s family is suing the city and police department for refusing to enforce the law. One Antifa, who admits being at the scene, has since been imprisoned on terrorism charges stemming from a different state.

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