Antifa riots in Portland & Seattle, targets Democrat State HQ, mother and child narrowly avoid serious injury

Why isn't Twitter taking action against the people who organized this rioting on their platform?

To mark Joe Biden’s inauguration, Portland Antifa launched multiple riots in the city. Between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, Antifa marched through downtown Portland, blocking streets. They ended the march at the state headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon on Everett St and 9th Ave. They smashed all the windows with metal batons, while others blocked security cameras with large umbrellas.

The Antifa then massed at Irving Park where multiple far-left groups were giving speeches. Later that evening, they marched into the street and blocked traffic. A van swerved to avoid hitting them and tipped over. A woman and a small child had to climb out of the van through a sunroof. Firefighters arrived and took the victims away. Antifa Twitter accounts allege that the victims are unharmed, though there is no confirmation of their status.

All of this occurred despite claims, the previous day, that Oregon State Police and Federal agents would prevent any election day rioting. Police say they arrested eight people. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently vowed to crack down on Antifa and alleged that the city would finally start prosecuting Antifa criminals. It remains to be seen if the rioters are actually held accountable.

Rioting in Portland continued late into the night. Antifa marched to an ICE facility on Macadam Ave and rioted. Police used tear gas and flash-bang grenades to push them back.

In Seattle, Antifa also rioted and blocked traffic. They burned a pile of American flags while blocking traffic and targetted an Amazon Go Store for vandalism. Among other things, graffiti called for the murder of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. A Federal Courthouse was also targeted.

The riots were pre-planned and advertised in advance on Twitter. They called them #J20. So far, Twitter has taken no action against accounts that promoted these riots.


Photos of the overturned van at Irving Park, Portland, OR. A woman with a small child had to swerve to avoid hitting Antifa rioters.

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