Race obsessed gunman kills officer after painting “Jesus is Black” on Rosary Cathedral in Toledo.

Vowed to kill on Facebook one day before

On Monday afternoon, Christopher Harris, AKA Danny Love, shot and killed Toledo police officer Brandon Stalker. Harris was also shot and killed by police in self-defense.

Harris was suspected of spray painting the Toledo, Ohio Rosary Cathedral with the words “Jesus is Black” several times and then trying to set the Cathedral on fire. The fire only damaged the front doors and burned itself out. The total damage will cost an estimated $5,100 to fix.

When police tried to arrest Harris, there was a two-hour standoff. Eventually, police used tear gas, and Harris opened fire.

On Facebook, Harris had obsessively posted “Jesus is Black,” and other related statements, on a near-daily basis for months and months. He was also obsessed with the idea that white people were out to get blacks all over the world. He claimed that anyone who was not native to sub-Saharan Africa was tainted with white DNA. He also hated the US government and most politicians, though he seemed to like the fact that Trump was disrupting the status quo.

Some of his posts are violent, including a pledge to “kill anything evil in my way including you!” This violent pledge was posted one day before Harris murdered Stalker.

Harris promoted the type of racial extremism that is accepted, if not outright promoted, by the media, Hollywood, academia, and the Silicon Valley elites.

Officer Brandon Stalker leaves behind a fiancé and two small children.


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