Officer charged with a&b for repeatedly tasering a crying pregnant woman, but media ignores story

Media stays far away from stories of police brutality that do not fit their narrative

A woman is sitting on the floor of a hotel, crying, and pleading with police that she is pregnant. An officer walks up to her and tasers her four times, seemingly for no reason other than he is agitated. Sounds like the media would be all over this story right?

On September 29th, Officer Leon Davis, 35, of Springfield PD, responded to a call from a hotel worker about a guest that was refusing to leave and being abusive towards staff. When the police arrived, the woman allegedly was antagonistic towards the officers. However, when the police entered the room, she immediately became apologetic. She sat down, put her hands up, and informed the police that she was pregnant.

Davis tasers her four different times as she is sitting on the ground begging for mercy.

On January 13th, Leon Davis, 35 was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and also an enhancement charge because the victim was pregnant. The District Attorney of Hampton County Anthony D. Gulluni declared “this officer’s actions are clearly outside of his training, as they were punitive and grossly excessive, and therefore criminal.” The bodycam video was released to the public. There is no audio of the woman’s alleged verbal abuse. She is already sitting on the floor by the time Davis opens the door to the hotel room.

So far, this has only been a tiny local news story in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Where is the national media? Where are the mass protests? Where is the wringing of hands, and gnashing of teeth?

Where are the pundits to talk about the downtrodden pregnant women cruelly assaulted by a rogue police officer?

The answer becomes obvious when you watch the body camera footage. The officer is black and his victim is white. It goes straight against the media’s core narrative about race and policing.

The legacy media obsessively hypes, and often wildly exaggerates, select stories. Other, seemingly very relevant stories, are completely ignored. All to create a warped reality to fit whatever agenda they are pushing.

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