Portland serial rioter gets $377 in fines after being arrested eight times

Neither the county, state, or the feds will hold Portland rioters accountable

As this website has documented before, the Multnomah District Attorney’s office declines to prosecute over 90% of criminal charges against BLM and Antifa rioters. The state of Oregon and the federal government have also declined to pick up any slack.

Consider the case of Hannah Lilly, who was charged with trying to burn down an occupied Multnomah County jail during an Antifa riot. The feds prosecuted her but saved her from serving any jail time. Instead, they coddled her with three weeks of community service and a $46k bill for damages she will probably never actually pay.

Tracy Lynn Molina (AKA Cozcacuauhtli) is the latest rioter from Portland to be pampered by the feds. She was arrested over and over again in 2020 and 2021 at Antifa riots. On May 31, 2021, she was charged with assaulting a federal employee and other lesser crimes. Andy Ngo reports a total of eight arrests. 

Federal prosecutors dropped the assault charge in exchange for a guilty plea on two minor charges. They have now recommended $377 in fines and no prison time. It does not appear that she has ever been prosecuted for any of dozens of other charges pressed by the Portland Police Bureau.

Compared this to how federal prosecutors treated the Rise Above Movement [RAM]. The feds say they attended three events specifically because they thought Antifa would violently attack people at these events. They were charged and aggressively prosecuted for major felonies because they allegedly sought opportunities to beat up Antifa members in self-defense. The federal charging documents heavily quoted the far-left non-profit organization Pro Publica. This is the same non-profit that original spearheaded, alongside the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. the “Stop Asian Hate” hoax that falsely alleged a nationwide epidemic of hate crimes against Asians by White conservative Trump supporters. Some of the charges against RAM members have since been dismissed by a Judge.

Twitter allows Molina to promote criminal activity on their platform.

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