Rioting in Chicago, 19 detained, 4 hospitalized, 0 mainstream media reports

Its riot season in Chicago again

Police say three hundred to four hundred people congregated at Millennium Park. Then fights broke out. Thugs rushed into the streets and climbed on moving vehicles. Others hurled bottles and fireworks at the Chicago police.

Eight juveniles and two adults are facing criminal charges. Another nine juveniles were given civil citations. Police transported four people to the hospital. One was a female who hit her head on the pavement while being attacked. A fourteen-year-old boy suffered injuries while being beaten by a mob.

One sixteen-year-old was charged with felony unlawful use of a handgun. Another person was arrested for what the officer described as “setting balls of hair on fire.”

The corporate media completely censored the violence in Chicago. Only the community-run CWB Chicago reported the riot.

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