Olympia PD announces the arrest of a suspect in the Antifa shooting of conservative activist Tusitala “Tiny” Toese.

Suspect only charged with first degree assault

The Olympia Police Department has announced that a suspect has been arrested in the shooting of conservative activist Tusitala “Tiny” Toese.

Olympia Police Statement:

On 9/4/21, a shooting occurred at the Intercity Transit Station located near State Avenue and Franklin Street in downtown Olympia.

This afternoon, the suspect of that shooting was located and arrested by Olympia Police Department Detectives.  A 36-year-old male, resident of Olympia, has been booked into the Thurston County Jail for the crime of Assault 1st.

This investigation, as well as investigations into other disturbances that happened that day, is on-going.  Anyone with information about this shooting or other assaults that happened that day, please contact the Olympia Police Department at 360.753.8300.

The Police only described the suspect as a 36-year-old male. Despite surveillance video that appears to show a calculated attempted murder, the suspect has only been charged with first-degree assault.

Recently, Antifa affiliate Eric Cohen was charged with attempted murder for nearly stabbing a Latino male to death in Los Angeles. The victim suffered a lacerated heart and punctured lung. However, the local District Attorney’s office immediately downgraded the charge to assault, and he was immediately released on bond.

The Portland Antifa gunman, who repeatedly tried to shoot 65-year-old Dennis Anderson, is still at large.

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