NYC Mayor & NJ Gov are trying to ban buses with illegal aliens

Why don't they just support a secure border???

Multiple upstate counties are currently suing New York City to stop them from busing illegal aliens north and dumping them in other parts of the state. NYC is also giving illegal aliens free plane tickets to a city of their choice, including international flights, to get rid of them.

Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has announced fines on buses that arrive in the city without prior authorization. NYC also filed a lawsuit against seventeen bus companies to try to prevent them from delivering illegal aliens.

So, buses began delivering illegal aliens to a train station in New Jersey. The illegal aliens are then given free bus tickets to NYC.

Now, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a list of demands for bus companies. He wants the bus companies to get prior approval before bringing in illegal aliens. However, so far, the bus companies face no repercussions or fines for entering New Jersey.

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