Korean cat meat trade will remain legal despite dog meat ban

Cats will remain on the menu after dogs are gone

The South Korean parliament passed a new law banning the raising, sale, and consumption of dog meat starting in 2027.

Korea has 1,150 dog farms, with an estimated population of two million dogs. Over a thousand restaurants specializing in dog meat will have to transition to a new menu. According to a poll by Nielson Korea, fifty-seven percent of Koreans say they support the ban.

For the past few years, there has been intense media focus on overcrowded and unsanitary conditions at these farms, leading to a considerable drop in dog meat consumption.

However, it will still be 100% legal to eat cats and raise/sell cats as food. An estimated 100,000 cats are eaten annually in South Korea. Cat meat is traditionally considered a folk remedy for several ailments.

Both dog meat and cat meat are most commonly consumed as a soup in South Korea.

Cats in cage – Moran Market, Seongnam, South Korea Photo by Kim Bartlett – Animal People, Inc

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