Volunteer border patrol securing Limpopo River in South Africa

Unrest grows in SA over illegal immigration

Mass illegal immigration is fueling unrest in South Africa. A rapidly growing organization called Operation Dudula is currently engaged in vigilantism against migrants. Dudula means “force out” in the Zulu language, and the group uses militant rhetoric and imagery. It is primarily composed of ethnic Zulu.

However, the latest major development comes from the Patriotic Alliance. This is a minor South African political party that has elected members to only a few city councils.

Since January 3rd, the Patriotic Alliance has turned back hundreds of illegal aliens along the Limpopo River, mainly near the town of Beitbridge.

Patriotic Alliance deputy president Kenny Kunene says party members have taken matters into their own hands and are conducting operations to secure the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The volunteers wear brightly colored Patriotic Alliance t-shirts or high-visibility vests. He says one thousand illegal aliens have been turned back since January 3rd.

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