Israeli government now recommends Pfizer booster shots every FOUR MONTHS for people 60 and up

Pfizer Vice President described Israeli as its "laboratory"

“Early in the pandemic, we established a relationship with the Israeli Ministry of Health, where they use exclusively the Pfizer vaccine, and then monitor very closely… A laboratory, where we can see the effect.” – Dr. Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer’s Vice President and Chief Scientist, stated during in a recording shown on Israel’s Channel 12 on September 10.

Back in July of 2021, the Israeli research community announced that the actual efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine was a dismal 39%. Less than half of what was advertised. However, the Israeli government decided that the solution was to tell everyone to take extra doses.

Pfizer is the only vaccine available in Israel. A large majority of the entire population has at least had the initial two shot vaccine.

Israel became the first government in the world to institute a nationwide vaccine passport, which they call “green pass.” Everyone must carry a scannable QR code that reveals whether they can participate in society. However, on October 2, Israel pulled the rug on hundreds of thousands of its citizens. People who had taken the initial two doses before April, but had not taken a new “booster” dose, had their green pass deactivated.

Beginning on October 2, all Israeli citizens not only had to be vaccinated, but they had to re-take the vaccine every six months.

Just one year after the Pfizer vaccine was first introduced in Israel, the government is already rolling out booster dose number two (shot number four overall). Some Israeli citizens will begin receiving their fourth shot of Pfizer within days. However, there is a new twist. Israel is morphing the six months time period into only four months. The Israeli government wants all Israelis 60 and older, who have not had a booster in four months, to take the 4th dose right away.

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu already stated publicly that Israeli citizens should expect to take SIX OR MORE “booster” doses. Then according to Netanyahu, Israeli citizens will be required to take a different Covid-19 vaccine on top of all their many doses of Pfizer.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett says that Israeli was first in giving its citizens a third booster dose. Bennet says that rolling out the fourth “booster” dose is another great victory for Israel.

The CEO of Pfizer is Albert Bourla, a Sephardic Jewish man born in Greece. He was trained as a veterinarian and initially hired by Pfizer to work on pharmaceuticals for animals. Dr. Philip Dormitzer, Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer, has described Israel as “a laboratory where we can see the effect [of the Covid-19 vaccine].” It is not clear why Israel has such a dedicated and close relationship with Pfizer.

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