Arab-Israeli conflict has come to LA’s Sunset Strip

Palestinian activists apparently hunted for Jewish victims along the Sunset Strip

West Hollywood is a small area adjacent to Beverly Hills. It is known for having a large concentration of both homosexual and Jewish residents. The neighborhood is a mecca for Russian Jews who have immigrated to the USA during the past few decades. The Los Angeles metro area boasts large numbers of both Jews and Muslims.

Videos show dozens of people with Palestinian flags and megaphones screaming at diners along the world-famous Sunset Blvd, also known as the “Sunset Strip.” Some are in cars, and some are on foot.

A group of ten or more people, who are on foot, ask outdoor diners if they are Jewish. Then a large mob fight occurs. The diners, whoever they are, appear to fight back tenaciously.

Videos of the incident have been tweeted by high-level Israeli government Twitter accounts, including an official account for the Mossad.

The LAPD says they are “investigating a possible anti-Jewish hate crime.”

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