Illegal aliens complain about their free motel rooms in Yonkers

But don't want to go home

Since last May, New York City has been using tax-payer dollars to house and feed illegal alien families at a Ramada Inn in Yonkers. The city is apparently renting the entire building and pays a non-profit organization to manage and staff the building.

However, instead of being grateful, many are demanding more. Two migrants fought with cops after some kind of large scale organized confrontation with workers.

Yonkers city officials have taken legal action against the hotel, seeking fines of more than $200,000 for operating what they describe as an unapproved boarding house. The lawsuit contends that the hotel violated its certificate of occupancy and Yonkers’ codes by housing migrants for longer than 30 days. Yonkers aims to recoup revenue lost since the hotel stopped paying sales tax and hotel occupancy taxes, resulting in an estimated loss of about $22,000 per month.

How it started:

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