Facebook referenced at 9.1 times the rate Parler is in Capitol riot criminal complaints

Meanwhile, left-wing insurrectionists continue to organize and incite on Facebook with impunity.

Law enforcement cites social media posts as evidence in many of the 208 criminal complaints against suspects in the Capitol Building riot.

Of these, 73 documents reference Facebook 73 times, while 24 reference Youtube and 20 reference Instagram. Parler, the social media outlet targeted by media and shut down by Amazon Web Services, is referenced in a whopping 8.

You can see all the complaints against suspects at the George Washington University Center for Extremism.

After the Capitol Building riot, Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, pontificated about Facebook’s alleged faultlessness to the media. She stated, “I think these events were largely organized on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate and don’t have our standards and don’t have our transparency.”

A few weeks after Sandberg’s statement, a horrific stabbing murder of a fifteen-year-old girl in Louisianna was live-streamed on Facebook.

Meanwhile, left-wing insurrectionists continue to organize and incite on Facebook with impunity.

On January 30th, left-wing extremists stormed the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia armed with hatchets, knives, and other weapons. Several Hotel employees were trapped in a laundry room for six hours.

The perpetrators openly utilized Facebook with a group called Oly Housing Now. While the administrator appears to have mass deleted almost all old posts, Facebook has not removed the group despite complaints.

On Christmas Day, left-wing extremists began a six-day occupation of a Travelodge in Tacoma, Washington. 

The perpetrators openly organized on Facebook with a group called Tacoma Housing Now. This Facebook group was also publicly cheering on rioters at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia and urging more people to go out and join them. Six people were charged with class A felonies. Several others were detained. Despite complaints to Facebook, This Facebook group is still active with over one thousand followers!

Facebook continues to refuse to delete groups that promote, incite, and glorify politically motivated left-wing criminal activity.

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