Despite the media’s narrative, Whites make up a tiny minority of mass shooters in 2021 so far

This media narrative is busted!

These are the worst mass shootings of 2021, as of March 23rd. This website is tracking mass shootings, and the list will be continuously updated here.

A mass shooting is most commonly defined as four or more victims. A large majority of mass shootings in 2021 have had Black perpetrators, despite the fact that Blacks make up about 14% of the US population. Whites make up well over half of the US population and constitute a tiny minority of mass shooters in 2021.

It can be argued that Black mass shooters, on average, tend to inflict a lower number of fatalities than White, Asian, or Middle Eastern mass shooters. Even when Black mass shooters have a high total victim count, the number of fatalities is often low in comparison to the total number of people shot. However, it can not be argued that Blacks do not commit mass shootings in extreme disproportion to their percentage of the population.

If you believe we have missed any mass shootings from 2021, send us a message.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

Ten killed in Colorado:

On March 22nd, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21-year-old Arab man born in Syria, shot and killed ten people at a grocery store.

Alissa had a past history of racial and religious conflicts with people at his High School. In 2018 he was convicted of misdemeanor assault for a racially charged attacked on another student. All of his victims are White, six women and four males.

The victims
Robert Aaron Long

Eight killed, one injured in Georgia:

On March 16th, Robert Aaron Long shot nine people at three different Asian massage parlors in the Atlanta area. The fatalities include six Asian females, a White female, and a White male. A Latino victim was also shot but survived.

Long was obsessed with pornography and using prostitutes. He frequented at least two of the parlor to acquire prostitutes. He had previously lived at a treatment center for sex addiction, ut one of the parlors was located within walking distance of the center and he continued to go there.

The day before the shooting, his parents kicked him out of their house because he spent several hours per day watching pornography.

Victims who were fatally shot
Jarron Pridgeon

Six killed, one injured in Oklahoma:

On February 2nd, five children and one adult male were murdered inside a home in Muskogee, OK. Another adult woman was injured. Police have arrested Jarron Pridgeon. He has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, and possession of a firearm after conviction or during probation.

His victims include Jalaiya Pridgeon, 1, Jaidus Pridgeon, 3, Harmony Anderson, 5, Neveah Pridgeon, 6, Que’dynce Anderson, 9, and Javarion Lee, 24. The female victim is Brittany Anderson, the mother of the five children. Javarion Lee is the brother of Jarron Pridgeon.

In 2019, Pridgeon was convicted of a felony for hitting a woman with a large piece of concrete. The judge gave him a deferred sentence and he was free to go.

Victims who were fatally shot

Six killed, one injured in Indiana:

Raymond Childs

On January 24th, a seventeen-year-old killed his parents, older brother, younger sister, an adult woman, and an unborn baby that was due on February 1st. He also injured his younger brother. Police have arrested Raymond Childs, 17. They saw he slaughtered his family after getting into an argument with his father. Raymond was in a hip hop band called Nu Street with his two brothers when they were younger. More recently his older brother Elijah had been publishing gangster rap videos on Youtube. Raymond appears to have used a short-barrelled Kalashnikov, configured as a pistol, which his older brother had been using for his rap videos.

Victims who were fatally shot.
Jason Nightengale

Five killed, two injured in Illinois:

On January 9th, Jason Nightengale, 32, shot seven people on the south side of the Chicago metro area. Five of his victims died. The rampage was only ended when Nightengale himself was shot and killed by police.

Police say Nightengale killed Yiran Fan, 30, a University of Chicago Grad student, in a parking garage in East Hyde Park. Then he moved to the Barclay condo building and killed Aisha Johnson, 46, and wounded an unnamed 77-year-old woman.

He then drove to a convenience store in Brainerd and killed Anthony Faulkner Jr., 20, and wounded an unnamed 81-year-old woman. After leaving the store, he killed Damia Smith, 15, by shooting her in the head through the window of a car.

Four hours later he arrived at an IHOP in Evanston and killed Marta Torres, 61. He was shot and killed by police in the parking lot of the IHOP.

Victims who were fatally shot.
Malik Halfacre

Four killed, one wounded in Indiana:

On March 13th. Malik Halfacre, allegedly carried out a spree shooting that killed four and wounded a fifth person. One of the victims is a young child. A six-month-old baby was initially reported missing but recovered.

The police say Halfacre got into an argument over a stimulus check.

The victims who were fatally shot.

Three killed, two injured in Ohio:

Chandra Moore

On February 28th, five people were shot, three fatally in the Evanston district of Cincinnati, Ohio. Brittany Wagoner, 28, Timothy Dugar, 33, and Andrew Wesley, 35, were all killed. A 17-year-old male and a 51-year-old male were both wounded.

The suspect, Chandra Moore, 55, fled to Detroit where police set up a perimeter around the Rivertown Inn & Suites. When Moore came out of the motel, police attempted to arrest him. He opened fire and shot and wounded when police returned fire. Morre will be extradited to Cincinnati to face murder charges.

Moore was married to Brittany Wagoner.

The victims who were fatally shot.

Three killed, two injured in Mississippi:

Dontrez Jordan
John Morton

On February 6th four people were shot at Club Outback in Bolivar County, MS. Three of the victims died. Initially, Dontrez Jordan was arrested. Jordan was already facing a felony charge before the shooting but was out on bond. He was charged with three counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

On February 11th, John Morton was arrested. He was also charged with three counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Both suspects have been denied bond.

As far as we can find, only one very small media website on the entire internet, DeltaNews, has ever reported this triple homicide. Two small articles in DeltaNews, and one tweet from an anchorwoman at a local NBC affiliate were all we could find.

The names of the victims, as far as we can tell, have never been reported.

Juan Carlos Bartolo and Juan R. Turcios

Three killed, one injured in Texas:

On March 10th, Juan Carlos Bartolo and Juan R. Turcios allegedly opened fire on a group of five people in Houston, Texas. Three people were killed, and one was injured. The fifth person did not get hit. The suspects and the victims are all Latino.

The victims who were fatally shot

Three killed, one injured in Arizona:

On March 16th, Gilbert Gonzalez shot four family members. Three of them died. Then he committed suicide. The shooter and the victims are all Latino. No pictures have been published.

Cornelius Whitfield

Three killed, one injured in Florida:

On February 16th, Cornelius “Cornbread” Whitfield allegedly shot four family members. Three of them died.

The victims who were fatally shot

Two killed, thirteen wounded in Illinois:

Lionel Darling
Rayneesha Dotson

Sunday morning, 15 people were shot at a so-called “pop-up” party in Chicago. Police say an auto repair business called South Side Think Tank hosted the party and had set up an illegal bar/lounge.

At 4:41 AM, one or more Black males opened fire. Rayneesha Dotson, a 30-year Black female, and Lionel D. Darling, a 39-year-old Black male, were both pronounced dead at the scene. Several other victims are listed as critical. The victims are between the ages of 20 and 44.

Police have not apprehended anyone yet.


The highest victim count mass shooters, regardless of the number of fatalities. 85% of shooting with 7 or more total victims have a black suspect. If we extend this to 6 or more victims, the percentage with a Black suspect is 88%.

Other high victim count shootings, but with low fatalities:

Daisy Navarette

One killed, seven wounded in Texas:

On March 20th, a Black male opened fire at a hip-hop-themed nightclub in Dallas, Texas. Police are still searching for the suspect. Eight people were shit. A White female, Daisy Navarette, 21, was killed.

Eight wounded in Florida:

On January 3rd, two gunmen opened fire on a group of people playing basketball at Little River Park in Miami, FL. Eight people were shot, ages 16-27. Six were originally listed in critical condition, but all survived. On January 7th, police announced that no one was providing any information about the shooters and offered a $15k reward.

Police say the perpetrators were two black males, who were probably after a single person but sprayed the whole court with bullets. Only one of the victims was identified in the media. He is a black male.

Eight wounded by in Pennsylvania:

On February 16th, eight pedestrians were shot at a busy intersection in Philadelphia. Police are looking for multiple Black male suspects. It is unclear if any of the victims were actually the intended targets.

Eight wounded in Pennsylvania:

On February 16th, one or more shooters opened fire at an intersection in front of SEPTA’s Olney Transportation Center. The area was full of pedestrians and has a heavy police presence. Eight people were hit by gunfire. A 71-year-old man was hit multiple times and the other seven were hit once each. The youngest victim is a 17-year-old girl. Fortunately for the victims, the shooting occurred across the street from a hospital.

A black male suspect, who was openly holding a gun, was tackled by plainclothes police officers a half-block away. So far, he has been charged with having an illegal handgun. Police are looking for three other black males. There has been a large number of gang-related shootings in the vicinity recently. Police seem to think that this was gang-related. So far, they have not been able to determine if any of the victims were the intended target or just random bystanders. Police have also not made a final determination about how many actual shooters there were.

Seven wounded in Florida:

On January 4th, seven people were shot in a Lauderhill, FL parking lot. The victims were having a party. The next day, police reported that there may have been more than one shooter, but said they had no description of the shooter or shooters. They are offering a $3k reward for information. Surveillance video shows black men and women running for cover. Lauderhill is about 76% black. The shooting received very little media attention.

Victim Ahmad Thornton

One killed, six wounded in Arizona:

On January 14th, seven people were shot, one fatally, at an event center in Phoenix, AZ. Ahmad Thornton, 24, was killed. Three of the gunshot victims were security guards. The venue was being rented and used as an after-hours nightclub. Two groups of people were celebrating birthdays at the time of the shooting. Police believe that a black male opened fire after getting angry over another man talking to his girlfriend. One of the security guards fired off a shot. Police say that a second shooter may have fired a gun. The spree shooting barely received any media attention at all. It is unclear if anyone was ever arrested.

Seven injured in Arkansas:

Matthew Steward

On January 1st, seven people were injured by gunfire at an event center in Fort Smith Smith, Arkansas. Police have arrested Matthew Steward, 26. He was charged with a first-degree terroristic act, first-degree battery, and five counts of second-degree battery. The venue is called The Wave, and hosts rap and hip hop artists.


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