“Fact-checker” for AFP & Facebook spread dangerous false info about Boulder shooter

Rizvi's actions throw the integrity of AFP & Facebook "fact checks" into question.

In the aftermath of the Boulder spree shooting, hundreds of left-wing activists began spreading dangerous false misinformation on Twitter. The purpose of this false information was to demonize an entire race of people, namely Whites with a European/Christian background.

Most shocking of all was a tweet by Uzair Hasan Rizvi. He is paid to be a “fact-checker” for the international news wire AFP. His “fact checks” also appear on Facebook, as the AFP “fact-checking” team is an official 3rd party partner of Facebook. The AFP has been a core 3rd party partner with Facebook since 2017. In fact, Facebook explicitly praises the AFP for their “fact checks” that defend Muslims from alleged “online hate” coming from the “far-right.”

Rizvi spread false information claiming the shooter was ‘White” and “not a Muslim.” He alleged that the shooter received preferential treatment compared to non-White and Muslim shooters. His tweet contained fake information that was an obvious attempt to demonize an entire race of people.

In reality, the shooter is an Arab and a practicing Muslim. Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa was also obsessed with the narrative of victimhood and often accused other people of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” He appears to have weaponized his own identity and used it as an excuse to attack other people. In 2018 he was convicted of misdemeanor assault for an unprovoked racially charged attack on a classmate. When he was arrested, he accused his victim of racism. 

It has now also been revealed that he was already under FBI investigation for possible ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

AFP has ignored requests to address this spread of dangerous misinformation by one of their paid fact-checker. Rizvi has placed all his tweets on lockdown.

Twitter has taken zero action against any of the people who posted dangerous false information about the shooting.

Rizvi appears to be motivated by anti-White bigotry and is willing to ignore the facts in pursuit of that agenda. His actions throw the integrity of AFP & Facebook “fact checks” into question. In not, the entire AFP itself, which has refused to address the Rizvi’s actions.

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3 years ago

We need everyone to tweet this and put @afp and @afpFactCheck in the tweets